Why Staffing Is A Good Investment

Invest in the $150 billion staffing industry. Contribute to your community by helping businesses and people alike.


Potential Clients

Staffing is the biggest and fastest growing B2B industry. According to the American Staffing Association, last year an average of 3.21 million temporary workers were placed each week!

Huge opportunities available

LINK serves a wide variety of industries, enabling you to specialize if you find your niche or to diversify (it’s up to you). Being part of the largest B2B service industry not only opens doors for you but also allows you to make a difference in the community and people’s lives.

Meeting the needs of businesses

We know that staffing is essential to meet the fluctuating needs of businesses. Business leaders are under constant pressure to maximize efficiencies and temporary staffing enables them to bring on additional staff during the times they are most needed while controlling costs. Businesses also value the opportunity to test the fit of a candidate before making an offer.

Serving candidates

Candidates like the flexibility of temporary or contract employment. Work-life balance and a flexible schedule are some of the most important factors to modern employees. They also feel that contract work makes them more employable.

LINK is an industry leader. Find out why.