Is Franchising Right For You?

Think you’re ready to own a business? Joining a franchise offers proven systems, freedom and support.

If you are thinking about buying a franchise, congratulations! Taking the big step toward self-employment is an exciting move, but it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Make sure to do you research and due diligence and have a heart-to-heart with yourself.

Ask yourself the following questions (check all that apply):

  • Are you willing and able to take on the responsibilities of owning and running a business?

    You’ll have to make the tough calls and final decisions. We provide training and support, but you’re the boss.

  • Have you found a franchise you will enjoy?

    When you choose a franchise remember you’ll spend 10-15 years of your life on this.

  • Are you willing to adhere to the franchisor’s system?

    You’re investing in a business with a proven system. It won’t work if you don’t follow it.

  • Do you collaborate well with others?

    You’ll need to cooperate with your franchise support representative and corporate teams as well as hire your own team. And don’t forget, in this industry networking and making connections are essential.

  • Can you afford the initial investment in your future?

    While LINK offers competitive franchise fees and generous incentives, investing in a franchise is a big commitment.

Checked all of the boxes? Now see why staffing works for you.