Investment & Fees

What is the investment range to open a LINK franchise?

The range is $112,500 to $199,000 depending on a few variables. This range encompasses everything you need to open your LINK Franchise Office including the franchise fee (see below), the recommended liquid capital, and the amount needed to set up your office.

What is the franchise fee?

The franchise fee is $25,000 and is due upon signing of the franchise agreement. The franchise fee includes:

  • Initial Operations and Sales Training
  • Indoor signage
  • Operating Manuals
  • Initial stock of Risk and Drug Screen Supplies
  • Initial stock of Forms and Marketing Materials
  • Pre-opening Market Research and Marketing Campaign
  • Field Support for Opening

What is the amount needed to set up my LINK office?

The amount needed will vary but includes such items as your lease, signage, equipment, etc. These details are mentioned in LINK’s Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Please contact Michelle Bearden, VP of Franchise Operations, at 713-784-4400 ext. 1032 or mbearden@linkstaffing.com to learn how to obtain a copy of this document.

What are the ongoing fees (royalties)?

The ongoing fees are variable based on revenue tiers and the details are described in the LINK Franchise Disclosure Document. Please contact Michelle Bearden, VP of Franchise Operations, at 713-784-4400 ext. 1032 or email mbearden@linkstaffing.com to learn how to obtain a copy of this document.

Does LINK offer financing?

LINK does not offer direct financing. However, LINK does provide 100% of the temporary worker payroll that is funded to you as a LINK franchisee. This is a huge benefit when starting a staffing business.

Can I have an investor(s) to help me meet the franchise financial requirements?

Business partners and investors are allowed to assist in acquiring or operating your LINK franchise.

Support & Training

What support does LINK offer?

LINK offers a full support center including departments in risk management, accounting, marketing, training, systems support, administration and IT.

What training does LINK offer?

Initially, LINK offers a 4-5 day Operations training session and a 3-day Sales training session at our support center in addition to on-site training with your franchise representative. On-going, LINK also offers additional periodic webinars, classroom, and on-site training on various topics.


What markets are available?

LINK has many available markets across the country. Please visit our Available Markets page or call or email Michelle Bearden, VP of Franchise Operations, at 713-784-4400 ext. 1032 or email mbearden@linkstaffing.com.

Does LINK offer exclusive protected territory?


Can LINK franchisees open more than one location?


Is there an additional franchise fee to open more than one location?

No, as long as the location is within your designated market area.


How do I qualify for a LINK franchise?

In the beginning of the process, we will assess your background, experience, vision, values, and overall personal and professional goals. These aspects must be compatible, along with your financial ability, to be considered for a LINK franchise.

Is there an opportunity to attend a Discovery Day?

Once your qualifications are assessed, LINK will invite you to Houston for an Interview Day and a Research Day.

How do I get started?

You already have! Go ahead and complete the Request Franchise Information form to continue the process.

Our franchise advantages are all yours.