Selecting a Business Location

Location is everything when you own a business

When it comes to determining where a LINK franchise will thrive, you may have some ideas and opinions… even some preconceived notions about the ideal location for a staffing firm.

The good news is, we never make decisions based on opinions – we’ve been doing this long enough to base our location decisions on the facts. We conduct in-depth research on every market, starting with a thorough population and potential job market analysis. From there, we factor in everything from cost and nearby competitors to accessibility and layout.

Our franchise development and real estate teams meticulously assesses these factors and many more before determining whether a LINK franchise is a good fit for any given market.

LINK helps you choose the best site based on a number of staffing-franchise location criteria:


How do the costs of various locations relate to the value of those locations?

Employee Accessibility

Can your employees get there easily? Is there convenient parking?

Field Staff Accessibility

Is it convenient for your field staff to find and get there easily? Is it accessible by public transportation?

Client Accessibility

Is it near—or at least convenient for—potential clients?

Local Competition

How many other similar businesses are in the neighborhood?

Size and Layout

Does it meet the operational requirements of your staffing business?

Condition and Construction

How much remodeling will be required and what will it cost?

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