Staffing Is a Good Investment

Invest in the $150 billion staffing industry. Contribute to your community by helping businesses and people alike.

According to the American Staffing Association:

3 million temporary and contract employees work for staffing companies every week
9 out of 10 staffing candidates say staffing work made them more employable
35 percent of staffing candidates were offered a permanent job

Staffing is one of the fastest-growing B2B industries and continues to see tremendous growth year after year. In fact, through the most recent recession, LINK continued to grow as other businesses closed their doors. It proves staffing is an industry that can weathers the ups and downs of any storm. Here’s why:

We meet the needs of businesses

Business leaders are under constant pressure to maximize efficiencies and temporary staffing enables them to bring on additional staff during the times they are most needed while controlling costs. Businesses also value the opportunity to test the fit of a candidate before making an offer.

We help job seekers find a career they care about

Whether an active job seeker or a passive candidate exploring new opportunities, LINK makes the process of looking for a new job easier. We work closely with each candidate to understand their goals and objectives which allows us to make the best match with one of our clients. We focus on skills and cultural fit to help ensure their success. We can also offer additional services to improve our candidates’ ability to succeed, such as developing their personal brand or interviewing and resume writing skills.

LINK is an industry leader. Find out why.