Why Employers and Candidate Choose LINK

Businesses and job seekers rely on us. Our comprehensive screening process ensures the right person for the right job.

  • Experience

    LINK has been in the recruiting industry for 35+ years and has hired thousands of candidates. Employers and candidates choose us for our proven experience in placing the right person in the right job.

  • Prescreening

    LINK offers one of the most robust applicant prescreening process in the staffing industry. In fact, 33% of candidates are screened out for either undesirable behavioral traits or an inability to perform before ever making it to your workplace.

  • Screening

    LINK’s comprehensive screening process includes a physical ability profile for industrial positions. We also assess for work attitude, integrity and the ability to follow instructions as well as role-specific proficiency across all professional, administrative and skilled trade positions.

  • Cultural Fit

    LINK is the only industrial staffing company to offer a Job Matching Cultural Fit program. LINK staff members visit your site to complete a cultural assessment of your organization to ensure we only send candidates who will fit in with your organization. Cultural fit leads to greater employee engagement and decreased turnover.

  • Placement

    LINK excels at filling hard-to-fill roles given our extensive knowledge of and relationships in the skilled industrial trades and professional roles.

  • Flexibility

    LINK offers candidates a variety of flexible job options including part-time, evenings, full-time, and project specific roles. Candidates also benefit from enhanced benefits, flexible payment options, and access to specialty training and certifications.

Our franchisees get the support they need.