Franchise Marketing Support

Staffing requires two-fold business development. We give you the support you need to find and retain clients and candidates.

Making connections is an essential part of your job as a LINK franchisee. Enticing new clients, attracting qualified candidates and ensuring the right position and cultural fit so that all parties are satisfied. You have to develop a huge pool of candidates to draw from.

To help you find clients, we provide:

Prospective client email templates

National trade show attendance

Continual SEO updates to our business website

Business development training

To help you find candidates, we provide:

Recruitment training and marketing support to find the right candidates

Continual SEO updates to our business website

Recruiting flyer templates

General marketing support includes:

Brand management

Support for local marketing efforts

Email marketing

Direct mail marketing

Marketing video production

Graphic design assistance for franchisees

In addition to the best support, we offer unique financial incentives.