Making the transition from a corporate career to owning your own LINK Staffing agency isn’t as difficult as you might expect — because the corporate world has prepared you for owning your own business. Your leadership experience, industry knowledge and business intuition have made you ready for this next step in your professional journey.

Leadership Experience

You are ready to lead your own business and franchising with LINK is your opportunity to do just that. During your corporate career, you took on leadership roles that have prepared you to run your own business. Leading within someone else’s company can give you the opportunity to learn vital management skills, including time management, people management and project management. Owning your own staffing agency will empower you to utilize these skills daily — but this time, toward building your own business and financial legacy.

People Management

As you climbed the proverbial corporate ladder, you amassed more and more responsibility. Many of those responsibilities involved managing others, which gave you the people skills necessary to build and manage your own staff. LINK has the resources to help you build your team, and you have the management skills to help them operate at the highest level. Franchising with LINK is an opportunity for you to transform your years of management experience into the ideal office culture of your own creation.

Project Management

Fewer aspects of business are more important than figuring out how to reach set goals. Your experience working on teams and finishing projects has given you the skills to manage the projects that will support your strategic goals for your LINK staffing agency.

Industry Knowledge

People of all professional backgrounds have become LINK franchisees. But whether or not your experience comes from the human resources world, business management, financial services or recruiting, you have some knowledge of what it takes to build a staffing agency. After all, you’ve been hired at some point and likely been a part of the team tasked with bringing on new staff members. You already have the knowledge that will help you dive into the $150 billion staffing industry.

Business Intuition

Years spent in the corporate world have gifted you with a business intuition that can only come from experience. You’ve seen businesses ebb and flow, grow, downsize, and weather economic storms. And all of that observation has shown you how to deal with any threats you might face. In fact, you likely have had a powerful impact within the companies you’ve worked for during challenging times. It is time to utilize your business intuition in order to build your own legacy instead of protecting someone else’s bottom line — and franchising with LINK is your way to do it.

Are you ready to utilize the skills your corporate career has given you by franchising with LINK? If so, you can start the franchising process by reaching out to us for more information about this franchise opportunity.