Franchising with LINK means diving into an industry on the rise. Globally, the staffing industry is making more money, growing more quickly and employing more workers than many other industries. These are all great reasons to get into the staffing industry; everyone wants to enter into a profitable industry. But LINK franchisees stand out because they also care about helping people. The staffing industry is doing good work for a lot of people and expanding the industry. With LINK you could be a part of this booming industry. The numbers back it up: now is a great time to get into the staffing industry.

Global Staffing Industry

In 2017 the global staffing industry made $466 billion in revenue, according to data gathered by Statista. That’s huge. Clients all over the world need workers. That need doesn’t seem to be dissipating. Statista also reports that in 2019, the global staffing industry is projected to earn $524 billion in revenue. With LINK, you could be a part of that number. LINK staffing agencies have an AUV of $2.8 million and contribute a big share of revenue to the national and global staffing industry.

Domestic Staffing Industry

There is also a positive outlook for the domestic staffing industry. Since the end of the Great Recession in 2009, the American staffing industry has continued to grow twice as fast on average than the rest of the economy, according to Staffing Industry Analysts. That’s nearly a decade of consistent growth.

LINK franchisees benefit from the industry growing. The growth means that there continues to be space in the industry for new staffing agencies. In fact, the growth continues. The U.S. staffing market is predicted to reach a revenue of $152 billion in 2019, which is 3% growth from 2018, according to the American Staffing Association. The initial investment to become a LINK franchisee is between $112,500 and $199,000 but knowing how much potential the industry has makes the initial financial investment less intimidating.

LINK is in the People Business

Knowing that the staffing industry is successful in terms of revenue is comforting for those considering entering the staffing business. But LINK franchisees also care about having an impact on their local communities.

By placing people in jobs, our franchisees are providing candidates opportunities to support themselves, their families and positively contribute to the local economy. That’s what the staffing industry is all about. According to the American Staffing Association, U.S. staffing companies employed an average of 3.23 million temporary and contract workers per week in 2018. LINK enables franchisees to be part of an industry that helps millions of people every single day.

We understand that becoming a franchisee is a big decision. Knowing that the staffing industry is consistently growing, increasing revenue and helping more people should factor into your decision. Franchising with LINK could provide you with an ideal lifestyle: doing meaningful work that is often profitable. If you are ready to take the next step in your LINK franchise journey, reach out.