It’s no secret, having the right staff helps a business grow. It’s also well-known that staffing is one of the biggest challenges for any business. Staffing a staffing agency comes with its own unique challenges, but LINK helps franchisees navigate them.

How LINK Helps You Hire

No matter how much experience you have in the staffing industry, support in the hiring process is useful. LINK has the tools to help you hire. “Each new franchisee is partnered with a Franchise Support Manager who will work with and guide the new franchisee through each step of opening a new office,” says Chief Operations Officer Gary Valentine. As you are working to get other aspects of your new LINK office up and running, they can help with job postings, phone interviews, and face-to-face interviews.

Each Franchise Support Manager is very experienced, they know what skills to look for in potential employees. Employees who thrive with LINK are generally detail-oriented, motivated, act quickly, experienced in customer service and work well under pressure. Plus, they should fit in with the overall culture of LINK. “LINK is a values-based organization and we look for candidates who embody the characteristics of our values – to be respectful, to exceed expectations, to act with integrity and to be committed to continual improvement,” Gary says.

Where to Start?

Of course, as the business owner you will want to be quite involved in the hiring process, but it can be difficult to know where to start. LINK has tools to help you with that, too! “We can also provide role-specific assessments, interview guides and detailed job descriptions for each position,” Gary says. This is one of many ways that franchising with LINK provides you with a roadmap to running your business.

Gary also provides a list of interview questions that can help you hire the best candidates for your office:
• What do you know about the staffing industry?
• What makes you a successful salesperson?
• Tell me how you work with a team.
• How would you deal with an angry client or field staff?
• What are your qualifications to perform in this job?

This list, along with the LINK interview guides are a great place to start when it comes to hiring for your LINK agency.

Retaining Your Team

Once your office has a great team, how do you keep them? By creating an ideal office culture, your employees will want to stay at your agency. Part of the initial franchisee training includes information on creating office culture. These skills will help you retain employees.

You won’t be the only one utilizing LINK training. “Our ongoing training is a vital component to employee retention,” Gary says. “LINK U – our online learning management system – houses training modules that can be accessed by all LINK employees.” These training modules will keep your team members up to date on the hot topics of the industry, allowing them to perform at a higher level. And based on continual high-level performance, they might be ready to transition into a new phase with LINK.

The opportunity for advancement incentivizes continuous learning and high achievement. “LINK encourages professional development and the opportunity for upward mobility,” Gary says. In fact, some of our franchise owners started out as agency employees. Providing a supportive work environment with room for growth is a great way to keep your top-tier employees.

Staffing can be a challenge – even for a staffing agency. But LINK has the tools and support to help you hire a stellar team of employees and the systems to help you keep them. If you’re ready to start your journey with LINK, reach out.