At LINK we want you to be successful. What does that look like? Well, honestly, it depends on you and your goals. But there are definitely some indicators that you’re more likely to be successful in the LINK franchise system. If you have these five traits, your future as a LINK franchisee looks bright.

1. Following the plan

LINK’s franchising system has been proven. Our most successful franchisees are the ones who follow the plan. We provide you with all of the support you need to navigate any business challenge. Each LINK franchise journey begins with training at our headquarters in Houston, then follows with enrollment in our online educational portal, LINK University. After those are completed, franchisees have field training in their own office. All the steps are in place for our franchisees to thrive, but it’s up to them to follow those steps. As a business owner, it’s understandable that you might have some questions about the franchising system. We encourage our franchisees to ask for clarification. You can reach out to your franchise support team, headquarters or even the president of the company. Our open-door policy means that all of our franchisees have access to any one of our executives.

2. People people

The staffing industry is all about building and maintaining relationships. Does networking come naturally to you? Are you a pro at leveraging your connections into business contacts? Then you might be a staffing industry dynamo! Staffing is all about bringing people together and LINK franchisees do that on every level. Bringing together job seekers and clients is what we do. We also want to cultivate a positive office culture where every employee feels valued by their colleagues.

3. Ambition

Our AUV is 2.8 million dollars. That level of success isn’t an accident. Our franchisees are hard workers and go-getters, which pays off. They pitch to new clients, embrace technology and close deals. And while the financials are great, our franchisees are motivated by more than just money. In our 35+ year history, we have placed thousands of people in jobs – jobs that often turn into fulfilling, long-term careers. LINK franchisees work hard so they can continue changing the lives of people in their own communities.

4. A management background

Having a staffing or recruiting background is certainly helpful in owning a staffing agency. But it’s not required. More than anything, our franchisees have to run their businesses, and those with management experience are generally equipped to do so. Our training process will teach you everything you need to know about the staffing industry. If you’ve been in a position where your job was to get things done, you already have one of the key skills to thrive as a LINK franchisee.

5. Values-based

LINK franchisees are also charged with maintaining LINK’s brand on a face-to-face level. LINK is known for being trustworthy, flexible, principled, dependable and ethical. These values are what make LINK stand out. Our clients all over the country know what it means to work with us. LINK values should shine through in every interaction with clients, job seekers or employees regardless of location. Franchisees who understand and practice these values bring the best of the LINK franchise to their own communities.