Our franchisees’ success matters to us. That’s why we do everything we can to support it. All LINK franchisees start with a comprehensive training program designed to give them all the tools they need to run their very own staffing agency. Plus, each franchisee works with a franchise support manager for on-the-ground guidance and support. Ongoing training ensures that every LINK franchisee has the tools they need to operate an office, create a culture and develop as a leader.

Up-Front Training

No matter how much (or little) experience you have in staffing, getting a franchise off the ground requires a bit of a learning curve. LINK training prepares you, starting with a trip to headquarters in Houston. While you are at headquarters, you’ll get to meet the franchise support team and visit a LINK location to get a feel for daily operations. But we don’t stop there. After your classes in Houston, you’ll enroll in LINK University, a series of webinars and e-trainings. But wait, there’s more. Ahead of your agency opening, your franchise support manager will come to you for training. “In field training anything can happen, which is great because then you can troubleshoot and work together,” says Kathryn Mujezinovic, LINK’s vice president of franchise sales. All of our franchise support managers are experienced in staffing and in franchising. They know what it takes to succeed in the staffing industry.

Even after training, your franchise support manager remains a knowledgeable resource. “They’re your best friend in the process,” says Mujezinovic. “They can answer any and all questions.” Eventually, your franchise support manager will have to head back to headquarters, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be disconnected. Franchisees and their support managers have weekly calls in addition to annual visits. LINK’s support ensures that you have access to industry expertise.

Staffing Your Staffing Agency

LINK also helps franchisees with one of the biggest challenges they face: staffing. Corporate helps franchisees identify and recruit employees for their offices. More importantly, LINK franchisees are given the tools to create a culture that retains those quality employees.

Industry Advocates

Just like unexpected issues may occur during field training, your agency will start to be affected by industry-wide matters. You don’t have to battle those on your own, either. LINK’s membership with the American Staffing Association (ASA) covers all of our franchisees. The ASA advocates on behalf of the staffing industry, in addition to providing its members with educational resources. “Being a part of the American Staffing Association is huge,” Mujezinovic says. “There’s a lot of knowledge that our franchisees can glean from that association.”

Our franchisees also have advocates on a level a little closer to home. LINK franchisees have the opportunity to elect their peers to the Franchisee Advisory Council. The council is the liaison between LINK executives and the franchisees, advising on topics, issues and challenges that affect each group.

Support In Success

It’s easy to think that once your agency is up and running you will no longer need LINK’s support. But we offer our support at every step in your franchise journey. Ongoing training will help you develop leadership skills, create an ideal office culture, and learn the tricks of the staffing trade. The learning is continual.

As you gain more experience in the staffing industry, LINK provides opportunities to grow. Most franchisees start with a single territory and expand from there. There are no rules about when and how you can expand your LINK agency. You just have to be ready, because we’re ready to help. “Our goal is to help you reach your goal,” says Matt Amici, Head of Franchise Development. “We want to work with you closely to make sure you reach those goals.”

With, LINK you don’t have to go it alone. Our franchisee support allows you to be prepared, heard, and ultimately successful.