LINK supports our franchisees at every step of their success. But just because we saw it coming, doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate it!

Each of our franchisees works hard to make a difference in their community. As satisfying as it is to be the boss, the level of responsibility can be daunting. Our franchisees across the country rise to the occasion every single day. “My teams and I set out each day with a simple mission: to create real jobs for real people. As we look at results, we do believe it’s working,” says franchisee Zach Collard.

Annual Awards Trip 2019

We love results. In fact, we celebrate them. Our franchisees can qualify for the Annual Awards Trip in multiple categories. There are awards given for safety, perfect compliance scores, top revenue performers and an overall Top Office. When a franchisee wins one of these coveted awards, they bring along their entire office on the trip. Corporate executives join the winning offices on the all-expenses-paid trip. This year, 65 members of the LINK team visited Music City.

The pinnacle of our trip to Nashville included a tour of the Country Music Hall of Fame that ended with a private LINK party in the Founder’s Room.

A Thriving Franchisee Network

Entrepreneurship can feel lonely, especially if many of your peers are still in traditional corporate positions. Being a franchisee means that, at the end of the day, you are the one who has to make the final decisions. Other franchisees know and understand how difficult (and rewarding!) business ownership can be. The Annual Awards Trip allows some of our top performing franchisees to connect with one another in a fun, casual environment. In addition to the thriving LINK franchisee network, the Awards Trip is a great way to remind our franchisees that they aren’t in business by themselves.

Franchisees experience backend support and continuous training from LINK corporate every day. But the Annual Awards reminds our franchisees that their hard-earned business accomplishments will be seen, acknowledged and rewarded.

Thank You

LINK is known for being trustworthy, flexible, principled, dependable and ethical. Our franchisees uphold those values in their home offices every day. A long weekend filled with fun, food and trophies is a way for us to thank our top performers for strengthening the LINK brand. Are you interested in becoming a top performing LINK franchisee? Learn more about our franchising system.