People and businesses are busier than ever and there is a growing trend of service franchises capitalizing on making life easier. A service-oriented franchise takes tasks from a jam-packed to-do list, using specialized training and skills to complete that task more quickly and easily than a customer could do alone. This provides an immediate benefit to the customer, freeing time for leisure or to fulfill other needs.

More benefits to buying into a service-oriented franchise.

First, the start-up costs for service franchises are lower than product-oriented businesses. You can typically run your business from home initially and won’t need much more than a home office space to get started.

Your overall operating costs will also be lower. You won’t need to maintain inventory or a storage facility for any goods. You can manage your employee costs by only employing the necessary number of employees.

Service businesses also tend to allow for more flexibility in your working hours. While you may need to work within some normal business hours, you will often be able to schedule your time to allow you to fulfill other family responsibilities.

Service-oriented franchises offer great value to businesses

As businesses try to keep their own costs down, in many cases, it will be a better financial decision for them to purchase services from an outside provider instead of hiring someone to do that job internally.

Since there is a huge opportunity to sell services to businesses, getting involved in a service-oriented franchise can provide you with the support and tools you need to make the most of this chance.

Consider a staffing franchise

Staffing is the biggest B2B service industry in the United States today. Over 3 million temporary and contract employees are placed every day. This means that not only are businesses able to better manage their costs by employing the people they need when they need them, but they also can rely on a staffing agency to take care of the recruiting of those employees. This saves them both time and money.

If you’re ready to make a change in your own life, consider franchising with LINK Staffing. We have territories open for development across the country as well as opportunities to buy existing businesses.